Sunday, 19 April 2015

Audio and Text?

Well his site was rebuilt, up and running in a matter of days, just like he said it would be. So much for his “I’ll pay you a tenner a post for hosting them, Flatcap.” Not one single post. Talk about a con.
He did give me some advice, though.
“All those posts you’ve recorded, pal, should have the text with them.”
“Redundant,” I said. “What’s the point in putting up the text when people can save wear and tear on their eyes by listening?”
“And what about those who are as deaf as you?”
“They can put headphones on, I do.”
He pursed his lips in a gesture of concern and shook his head just like a mechanic getting ready to quote you for car repairs. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Her Indoors trip over your cans and rip them off your head.”
“There you are then. Trust me on this one, Flatcap. Put the text up as well as the audio option.”
Trust him? I wouldn’t trust him with the wife. Anyway, I gave it some thought and decided he was right, so I’ve put up the text, too… or I will have done before the day’s over.
Not on every post. There are some I can’t find. And you’ll happen find the text is slightly different to the audio. This is because apart from not being perfect, I’m also bloody awkward.

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