Wednesday, 3 June 2015

More Spam Fritters

Apparently I need more authoritative backlinks to rank. At least that’s what this idiot said in the following spam comment.
Hi, I really like your website and I have just analysed your backlinks. You need more authority links in order to rank.
Best backlinking strategies in 2015 are backlinks pyramids and private blog networks. You can hit Google’s top 10 easily. If you are not SEO pro you can outsource this task, just search in Google.
This was attached to a post on how to write humour, on which grounds you may think it’s irrelevant. But you’d be wrong…. Just like the dildo who posted it.
In truth, there is nothing wrong with my backlinking strategy. According to Her Indoors, my back is linked too strongly to the bed and the armchair, especially when she needs me to whip round to the shop for half a dozen eggs and can of hairspray. The urgent need for half a dozen eggs and a can of hairspray may go some way to explaining why I have so many stomach problems, but it doesn’t detract from my backlinking strategy.
In fact, as the following image will demonstrate, there’s nothing wrong with Her Indoors’ backlinking, or Joe’s. Both are capable of gluing their backs to the settee when there’s nowt on telly.

As for hitting Google’s top 10, well, I didn’t know they even had a chart. Who’s on it? Billy Fury? Connie Francis?
Another dipstick suggested that “only a few can carry out the strongest and most reliable aluminium welding”. Welding aluminium is fairly skilled work, but since this comment was passed on a post concerning an accidental meeting with my ex-wife and her husband, I wonder what this moron is trying to say. I should get her husband to sort out the car?

But he’s a painter and decorator.

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